Our Sound Team

A lot goes into the production of our music

As we have stated earlier, we have the best lyrics writer in Ohio. But he is not the only member of our team. We have a drummer from Virginia who knows how to create inspiring drum beats. Jimmy used to work for a rock band in New York before he joined our band in 2018. We also have mixers, pianists, and other instrumentalists.

The final songs we release are five to six minutes, but we may spend up to 3 months working just on one song. Our studio is equipped with monitor management systems, headphones, DI boxes, and digital conversion software. We also have an audio interface that connects headphones, speakers, and microphones.

Best Hit Records

We believe the best way to get better at music production is to have a diverse team. Everybody is welcome to join Slint Music, as long as they have the right skills to push our production forward.

Our music production team concentrates on creating the highest sound quality with EQ. That is why we have the best equipment to remove muddy sound frequencies. Once we have removed the 30 to 40 Hz frequency, we are left with high-quality sound that does not clog our mixer.